NEWSAdams Cup Long Weekend Events and Lineups 2022

OC Eton Fives Club's big annual get together is approaching. Here are the details of the various events we have in store, with line-ups. Please let me know ([email protected]) if you’d like your name added and we will accommodate you if we can.

Thursday, 9 June: EFA dinner at the RAC. 6.30pm for 7pm. Black tie. David White, Geoff Bates, Kevin Brooks, Mark Stockton, Stephen Kelly, John Reynolds, Martin East (travelling from Germany), David Lemie (from Switzerland), Jab Garcia (from Switzerland), Felix Bu (from Switzerland), Filippo Variola (from Switzerland), Alexandre de Senger (from Switzerland). Our group will be joined that evening by the splendid EFA organiser Mike Till, which means a total of 14 or so - which is probably two tables worth.

Friday, 10 June: introduction to shire horses and real tennis at Hampton Court Palace. Meet at the real tennis court at 2pm. I’m planning on taking the 12.51 train from Clapham Junction train station arriving at Kingston at 13.10, allowing plenty of time for the half-hour stroll through Bushy Park to Hampton Court. On the list so far: David White Stephen Kelly, Saajan Shah, Martin East, John Reynolds. Swiss contingent: David Lemie, Jab Garcia, Felix Bu, Pavel Penev, Leon Schoenleber, Filippo Variola, Alexandre de Senger.

Sat, 11 June: Match against the Zuozers at Eton. 2pm. Citizens: Stephen Kelly, John Gee-Grant, Saajan Shah, Jacob Greenhouse, Martin East, Mark Jacobs. Zuozers: Pavel Penev, Marc Tavra, Leon Schoenleber, David Lemie, Filippo Variola and Alex de Senger.

Sat evening: Supper at the Bleeding Heart Restaurant, Farringdon. 7 Bleeding Heart Yard, Greville St, London EC1N 8SJ. We’ve got the Parlour booked from 6pm for supper at 7pm or something like that. The room has a capacity of 16 (ish). These are: David White, Stephen Kelly, Johngee Grant, JPR, Martin East, Mark Jacobs, Rachel Douek, Saajan Shah, Jacob Greenhouse, Ralph Morgan, David Lemie, Jab Garcia, Felix Buechi, Pavel Penev, Leon Schoenleber, Filippo Variola, Alex de Senger.

Sunday 12 June, Adams Cup. 10.30 for 11am. There are 18 currently on the list to play, exactly balanced between OCEFC members and guests: John Reynolds, Stephen Kelly, John Gee-Grant, Sam Inigo Packer, Saajan Shah, Mark Stockton, Mark George Jacobs, Mark Signy, Martin East, Rahim Dharamshi, Ralph Morgan, Peter Chen, Karen Hird, David Lemie, Pavel Penev, Leon Schoenleber, Filippo Variola, Alexandre de Senger

Sun lunchtime: at the Wrestlers pub, Highgate North Hill. A table has been booked for us from about 2pm. See you all then.

John Reynolds

[email protected]